Over almost 100 years of continuous operation, MOURIKIS SA has made inroads to all fields of wood processing and marketing. Specifically, the company is active in the following areas:


  • Plywood - Okoume and other hardwoods
  • Facing veneer, based on wood panels
  • Facing MDO plywood
  • Facing melamine panels with wood-base
  • Solid wooden floors
  • Sawn timber (tropical)


  • Wooden window bases (MDF, HDF, etc.)
  • Wood
  • Artificial parquet flooring

MOURIKIS SA annually processes 9.000m3 of log and 12.000m3 of veneer for the production of 16.000m3 of plywood. Annual production can reach up to 20.000m3, using the following equipment:

  • Six log ponds
  • One line for the cutting and barking of logs
  • One peeling lathe
  • Three veneer dryers (two mesh type, and one cylinder)
  • Seven veneer clipper machines (three automatic ones with Optimizer)
  • Eight veneer end-joining machines
  • Four gluing and lay-up lines
  • Two presses, one with 30 openings and another with 16 openings
  • Three sawing and squaring machines
  • Two calibration and smoothing lines with automatic stacking

MOURIKIS SA produces veneer and facings using medium density overlay (MDO), using its own plywood as the core and third party planks or panels (MDF, HDF, chipboard) utilising the following equipment:

  • A veneer cutting line
  • A veneer drier
  • A double guillotine knife with glue
  • Two slim end-joining machines with semi-automatic feed and fully automatic stacking
  • A cold glue line with semi-automatic lay-up
  • A hot press line with automatic stacking
  • One semi-automatic hot press melamine line
  • Three sawing and squaring lines
  • Two calibration and smoothing lines with automatic stacking
  • International presence

Human Resources

Our company is staffed by experienced and qualified personnel who love wood and prove this daily through their work. Today, the company employs 150 employees, who work in two shifts and man all production sectors and the administration.

Experienced partners, technicians and specialised operators of our modern machinery, show great care in the manufacturing process of our products, with marine plywood being the top product, and contribute in promoting the company as one of the most dynamic and competitive enterprises in the wood industry, both in Greece and internationally.