Our Values


Honesty in all our dealings is our core value. We make sure that we live up to our commitments to customers, employees and to our partners. At the same time, fully respecting rules and laws, we have built a sound company for the processing and production of plywood and marine panels.


Our history defines our future. MOURIKIS SA was founded in 1924 by Fotios Mourikis. It is the oldest purely Greek wood processing company. Today, with a state of the art industrial unit and its own port facilities it is the largest wood export company in Greece. For us, the greatest challenge is the maintenance of quality and the passing on of experience and knowledge from generation to generation.


Our family consists of our employees, customers and partners. Our love of wood is what binds us together. Our people are the foundation for each of our ideas which we realize with generosity, creating plywood, which can be used in shipbuilding, frames and formwork.

Quality of products, service, character

Quality follows our every product and service. We believe it is better to explain the price once rather than apologize forever for the quality. The timelessness of our products and the services we offer benefit the client, as our projects stand up to time and we are stand by our customer whatever the needs.

Knowledge and expertise

We invest in continuous development and optimization of our infrastructures, employees and equipment, so as to be always close to top quality. MOURIKIS SA's expertise in wood processing, responds to every architectural or shipbuilding need with quality and reliability, from a complex major project, to the aesthetic and functional perfection of a private residence or a specialized marine application, with our marine plywood.

Ecology and social responsibility

Wood is a natural product with a soul. We place great value on good practices in logging and reforestation so that raw materials will continue to exist for future generations. MOURIKIS SA only uses timber that has been legally logged and inspected, in respect of nature's rhythms. Our raw materials come from different parts of the world, following inspection for any illegal logging, so that the balance between man and the environment is maintained.

Customer orientation

Our philosophy is anthropocentric and based on the actual and immediate service for the customer, as well as the support provided, even after many years. We make sure that the customers get the maximum possible benefit and actually earn more than they give.