Ecology - Environment

No other building material can compare to the warmth and harmony that wood offers. Wood was, is and always shall be a live material, which has gained our love and lives with us!

At MOURIKIS SA, being fully aware of the value of forest resources and the need to conserve them, for the manufacture of marine plywood and of all our products, we use timber that has been legally logged and inspected.

For 91 years our company, has respected the wealth of the forest as well as future generations and has been carrying out its activities in compliance with local and international regulations.

Our raw materials come from various parts of the world where the principles of sustainable management of forest areas are applied, being promoted in the international market by the international forest certification organizations (F.S.C. & P.E.F.C.). These organizations have laid down strict rules and the sanctions for illegal logging and marketing of illegal timber are severe.

Our suppliers meet the criteria set out by the P.E.F.C. (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification). Our company, holding an F.S.C. (Forest Stewardship Council) certificate, produces ecologically certified plywood.

All the necessary prevention and safety measures are strictly applied in our manufacturing facilities. Using modern methods and continuous inspections, the company follows a comprehensive environmental policy system, which is applied consistently by all employees throughout the production process.

At MOURIKIS SA, being environmentally conscious, we follow nature's rhythms, in order to ensure balance and the optimum ecological management of forests.

Environmentally certified plywood.